Grip Star Anti-Slip Socks Give Athletes Unfair Advantage.

Australian touch football legend Mark Boland believes Grip Star anti-slip socks are giving athletes an unfair advantage – and he is seriously fine with that.

Mark is one of the Directors of Grip Star. Making him a driving force behind the product’s birth and development and its growing reputation as Australia’s best performance socks for serious athletes.

Also known as “Bus” in touch footy circles, Mark’s career has spanned more than two decades and seen him represent Australia on 37 occasions – including four World Cups.

Mark believes that once athletes – be it elite, high performers or serious weekend warriors in social teams – start wearing Grip Star anti-slip socks, they will quickly see the advantage of its seriously grippy panels and design.

“I’m telling you, Grip Star anti-slip socks give you an unfair advantage on the field,” he said.

“They give you extra grip between your foot and your shoe. That leads to increased explosiveness, acceleration and agility.”

“If you are lining up against someone in a normal sock you will have an edge and I know that athletes that seek a performance advantage are the ones that succeed – no matter their sport of choice.”

While Grip Star anti-slip socks will give you the edge on your competition,  the Australian-owned brand already has a distinct edge on theirs.

The anti-slip socks high quality construction and affordable pricing are already leaving other brands playing serious catch-up in the marketplace.

“We saw an opportunity in the market to develop a competitively priced and high quality grip sock. I reckon sportspersons around Australia deserve that,” Mark said.

“Athletes demand a lot from their teammates and so they should with their socks. Grip Star knows we can rise to that challenge week-in and week-out.”

“Anyone who doesn’t believe me needs to test them for themselves. Because if  they don’t it’s going to be their opponents who are getting the  advantage before too long.”

The Grip Star anti-slip socks range also features a breathable mesh design that increases comfort and seriously helps to reduce foot odour.

Grip Star already boasts a range of colours, sizes and styles for its range of anti-slip socks. There will be more exciting innovations in the new year.



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