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We are Grip Star.

Grip Star socks feature seriously grippy panels on the sole that eliminate slippage inside the shoe without compromising on style or comfort.

It is the grip your feet need for sport, work and everything else. Seriously.

Get Grip.

Grip Star anti-slip socks feature panels that create traction that improves speed, acceleration and stability.

Feel Great.

 Grip Star anti-slip socks are designed to deliver maximum comfort and flexibility.

Stay Dry.

 Grip Star anti-slip socks  feature a breathable mesh design that removes sweat and reduces odours.

Multi Use.

Grip Star anti-slip socks are perfect for high movement sports, working on your feet or lounging safely at home.

Grip Star News.

The new look Grip Star is here.

Grip Star has a new look…and it is getting serious praise. Following a soft launch in late 2019, the high level of demand and growing